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     1. Patrol during the day with chest, stride and generosity; keep quiet at night, make clear vision, ear spirit, light feet, carefully identify sounds, gas ignorance, bright and suspicious symptoms. Patrol guard, march along walls or tree shadows, stay away from the lights, hide, to my SEER enemies, who rarely see my purpose. Under normal circumstances, workers and occupants should not be in the windows of the house, in front of the door should be left for eavesdropping, in order to avoid eavesdropping. Especially in the corner, be vigilant. When you get to the corner of the wall at night, you should slow down ahead of time, pause, observe statically and dynamically from the dark corner, find no suspicious or special symptoms, and then turn around. In case the suspect suddenly attacked.


     More than two of the two carry out patrol tasks at the same time and, in some cases, give full play to the advantages of collective strength in order to support each other. During security patrols, visual and gesture communication can be used during the day; clapping hands or flashlight flashes can be used at night, but before the agreed signal and signal. Distance, radio contact.


     3 must take patrols to prevent the combination of ears, eyes, nose and use when time is fast, the direction is slow and suddenly changes in the direction of travel. Patrol areas are in good condition of public security and can take measures; for areas with complex security conditions or more remote areas, one or more irregular re-entry and killing of Huimaqiang patrol methods; to patrol the urban areas as an important objective, to the surrounding destruction sites or prosperous places, the method of centralized and repeated patrols. Suspicious situations should be closely monitored, carefully observed, and control should be strengthened to prevent the occurrence of crimes.




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